Welcome To AraGen Biotechnology

AraGen is a developer and producer of propietary diagnostic kits covering both the laboratory and OTC markets.

AraGen is a market facing innovative company focused on improving the well being of individuals and societies through advancing and expanding upon the range of health care.

Most of our products are innovative, unique or genuinely superior to any other similar product on the global market. AraGen has 21 published patents in the field of diagnostics.

High Potential

AraGen strategy is to promote its affordable, accurate, and highly sensitive rapid and molecular diagnostic tests through direct sales and strategic partnerships in markets with large barriers to entry.
Direct Know How A licensing Agreement Which licenor Pays Free And or Royalties And Purchases Components for Manufacturing Assembly at Their Site
Manufacturing Contracts Revenue From The Manufacturing For Free, Of Diagnostic Products at AraGen facilities with the label and specifications of the contracting party
Accurate 80
Highly sensitive 90