Rapid Test

These patented kits may be taken into the field and need not be performed in a laboratory or by specifically trained persons. We aim to ensure that each of these rapid tests is foolproof and that none is more complicated than the familiar pregnancy test. Rapid diagnostic kits fall under two categories, personal healthcare rapid diagnostic tests and environmental healthcare rapid tests.
Personal healthcare rapid diagnostic tests may be used by health officials, immigration officials, school teachers, field doctors, healthcare workers or the patients themselves to rapidly obtain an assessment on a particular health issue such as pregnancy, ovulation, or AIDS.
The tests were developed with the end user in mind and are very simple to operate with the most attainable of samples such as saliva, urine or whole blood. The tests tell the user when it is time to take the reading and, in the unlikely event that this robust test kit may be spoiled during storage or shipping, it warns the user of spoilage.
Environmental healthcare rapid diagnostic tests are used by kitchen workers, public health investigators or homeowners to check for the presence of known contaminants in foodstuffs or in the working environment. These test kits adhere to the same principles of simplicity, robustness, and ease of operation as the personal healthcare rapid diagnostic tests.
Key Benefits:

» Require no laboratory infrastructure or highly skilled personnel.
» Results produced within minutes which speeds up the diagnostic
» Reduce drain on health care resources
» Patient convenience due to loss outpatient visits.